A secret revealed after two years

A Boy from Australia who was named Anna, her boyfriend Terry, gave her a beautiful locket of pine wood, made with her own hands. Anna continued to wear that locket for nearly one and a half years. He did not know that something from Necklace would be found, which can not be expected.

Once they both went somewhere, and Anna was wearing that locket. Terry asked for an auction from Ana, and immediately broke it. Seeing Anna was shocked because of that, a diamond ring came out. She could not believe that, the locket that she has kept in her neck for 18 months, will get a diamond ring from it.

Terry made that special locket for Anna, with his own hands. In which he had sealed the ring. As soon as the ring was seen, Anna got right away. He was very happy, but he was upset for Terry’s antics that he kept the secret of the Necklace for so long.

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