Nepali Pornstars Bindu Pariyar

Nepal is a beautiful country with beautiful minds living in. Being rich in cultural and trational aspects the people living have somehow narrow mind and thinking in terms of entertainment arena.
Relationships before marriages among the people is still not allowed in society. Love marriage still is not totally accepted by the families of marrying couples.
Unmarried couples are even raid by police if found in the closed room alone. So adult bussiness can’t be imagined in this situation.
With all these restrictions, courage of the one who tries to do must be praised. There are two Nepalese girls who made huge courage to get into adult bussiness not in Nepal but in foreigh land.
Maya Bezin a girl from Bhaktapur who moved to USA for futher study is one of the two girls. Maya Bezin in an interview clearly stated that she is from Nepal and her news and popularity started in Nepal. Bindu Pariyar is another girl who is involved in adult movie bussiness. Bindu Pariyar is from a small villege from Pokhara. She lives in US with her husband and both of them are engaged in adult movie industry. Lets with them luck for their future.

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