Sanitary Pad is Shame? – Social Experiment

How many gazillions of years can we set feminism back in a mere minute? Well, friends, thanks to this fat-shaming sanitary pad commercial, we have a foolproof way to derail all progress our feminist role models have made in the past century in under ten seconds! The shockingly offensive ad for SOFY BeFresh menstrual pads is currently airing in Australia, and it’s like watching a car crash that just keeps crashing forever. It starts with a woman staring into her mirror at her supposed “period counterpart” — only the person she sees in the mirror is several sizes larger than she is, and a borderline-psychotic mess who makes Gone Girl look like Goldilocks. And yeesh almighty, everyone, it only gets worse from there.

The period counterpart goes through a long and increasingly ridiculous montage wherein she insults her cat, pines for a man, entirely loses all self-awareness, threatens a pizza guy, and basically has the IQ, attention span, and temperance of a bratty three-year-old child. That’s right — it’s not enough that women are constantly under unfair scrutiny about menstruation in their personal lives, in their workplaces, and even in political forums. Now the people who are selling us the products for them can’t stop themselves from massively insulting us.

Watch video from HERE.

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